Most of us are aware of the bodies complex physiological structure, but we can sometimes be unaware of the more subtle aspects of this vehicle and how it’s affected in ways that are unseen with the naked eye.

 We may mistake or confuse a pain for something physically wrong when it’s really pointing toward an imbalance in the subtle, energetic realm.

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recorded in Varanasi, India

  • 1. Gentle Yoga Practice for the Root Chakra - 21 minutes

    When you are balanced in your first chakra, you feel connected to your tribe and have a sense of trust in the world. Your root, or Muladhara chakra, provides you with a sense of belonging and allows you to feel at home in your body. In this practice, you are guided through five carefully sequenced yoga poses which lead you to a deeper sense of connection and awareness to your root.

  • 2. Guided Meditation for the Sacral Chakra - 5 minutes

    Your sacral, or Svadhisthana, chakra invites you to tune into your power and creativity. It is also the main seat for your emotions and your overall feeling of well-being. Enjoy this short guided meditation which will lead you toward deepening your relationship with these often hidden aspects of yourself.

  • 3. Tune in to the Solar Plexus Charka - 13 minutes

    Your solar plexus, or Manipura, chakra is connected to abundance, sensuality, creativity, and healthy relationships. This chakra is associated with the lumbar spine and the naval center. This somatic practice offers practices to help you tune into this chakra and invites greater self-mastery, confidence, and nurturance into your life.

  • 4. Deeply Feel the Heart Chakra - 9 minutes

    Your heart, or Anahata, chakra is your connection to yourself, others, and to the world. By simply becoming aware of sensations in this area, you are already doing the work. Enjoy this guided audio practice that will assist you deepening your awareness of this loving vortex.

  • 5. Revitalize the Throat Chakra - 16 minutes

    Enjoy the sound of school children in the background as you also get in touch with your own authentic voice. Your throat, or Vishuddha, chakra, is where you speak your truth. This audio offers practical exercises to ease tension in your neck and invites you to explore the qualities of your voice; to ask for what you need and to express yourself.

  • 6. Find Balance in the Third Eye Chakra - 12 minutes

    Your third eye, or Ajna, chakra, is the seat of your intuition. This audio invites you to become still to access the subtleties of your true voice. You will learn two versions of the pranayam, Nodi Shodhana, which balance your Ida and Pingala nadis (two main nadis, or channels, in your body) and weave together to form your Sushumna, which is located along your spine. These 3 are said to be the most important nadis in the body and can become blocked from stress, trauma, and toxicity.

  • 7. Relax into the Crown Chakra - 12 minutes

    Your crown chakra, or your sahasrara chakra, is depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus and represents the potential to rise up out of our embodied existence and to merge with universal consciousness. Enjoy this audio which leads you through accessible practices to connect you to the subtleties of this chakra which is our connection to the spiritual world. This audio includes a unique final guided meditation specifically for the crown chakra.

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About this Series

The purpose of deepening the relationship with one’s chakras is not to improve one’s capacity in the ordinary domains of human life, but to go beyond our mortal and transient seeking and move toward the immortal essence of that which is unknown.

When we learn more about how to care for these subtle energetic vortexs, they become powerful partners on our path toward health and overall wellbeing. 

In this experiential, practical, and practice-based audio series, listeners will be thoughtfully led through the chakras.

These sessions offer guided meditations, some of which include gentle and easy movement. The series offers both short and longer lessons to ensure that listeners always have time for a practice. Choose the audio length to suit the time, with meditations ranging from 5 to 21 minutes in length.

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from Pittsburgh

Francesca Michelle Gold is amazing! Thank you soooo much! You have no idea how much this helps! I listened to your audios and they have helped me tremendously. I highly recommended them!

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The full series was recorded in Varanasi, India, one of the world’s most ancient cities. Many enlightened masters have visited Varanasi, including the Buddha and the world-renowned writer and philosopher, J. Krishnamurti. The natural sounds of birds, dogs, trains, cows, bicycles, and far away chanting of devotees are lovingly integrated into each of these recordings. Each chakra audio has been carefully curated to support practitioners to directly sense and form a relationship with their subtle body.

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